The difference compared to traditional leather

Animal-free leather alternatives are also known as vegetable leather, or vegan leather. However, the word leather is protected and it is only allowed to be used for tanned animal hides. That is why Leatherbox does not offer this as vegan leather, but as a leather alternative. Ideal for those looking for a product without animal origin, but with a leather look. It is important to understand that animal-free is not the same as sustainable. Leather alternatives do contain plastics. In addition, it is not as strong as traditional leathers. Unlike traditional leather, leather alternatives contain no natural imperfections.

We try to give an accurate representation of what you order. Colors on a computer screen may look slightly different in real life. We therefore always recommend ordering a color chart of the collection first. In addition, leather from the same collection may show minor color differences per batch.

The correct choice of product depends on your wishes and the application. Always read the specific properties of the collection carefully. Are you not sure if an animal-free leather alternative is suitable for your project? We are happy to tell you more about the specific properties in order to make the best choice.

Refer to the size chart for the leather alternative you would like to order. Because leather alternatives come off a roll, the sizes listed are fixed, square sizes. At Leatherbox you can buy leather alternatives in three sizes, suitable for different applications. Please contact us if you have larger size requirements.

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