Traceable leather from the Lowlands

Vitelco Leather is a third generation, authentic Dutch family business. The tannery offers leather of the highest leather and works according to a fully transparent production process, which ensures quality and a more sustainable leather industry.


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Tulip Collection | Thin and soft nappa calfskin leather
From $7.99
NY CabScarlettVery PeriJasper BlueOliveNoble BrandyTuscany BrownIvoryBiancoMid GreyBlack+ 8 more
Amaryllis Collection | Firm and smooth calf leather with a silk gloss
From $8.99
OliveJasper BlueScarlettGingerChocolate MilkMilitaryBlack+ 4 more
Royal Nappa Collection | Very soft, matte and thin calf leather
From $28.50
Matte ScarlettMatte BurgundyMatte Nassau BlueMatte MilitaryMatte BrandyMatte Off-WhiteMatte TaupeMatte AnthraciteMatte Black+ 6 more

The Story of Vitelco Leather

The Vitelco Leather tannery offers durable and high-quality calfskin leather, a guarantee for beautiful products. The leather from this tannery is produced entirely locally in The Netherlands, from slaughter to the final product. This third generation family business is part of the PALI Group, a globally renowned meat producer with a fully integrated chain. This means that they work according to a carefully checked, fully transparent production process. For each batch it is 100% traceable where the hides come from, how the habitat of the animals has been, what food the calves received, how they were transported and when they were slaughtered. Due to the direct cooperation and short distance between the slaughterhouse and tannery, salting and desalting during the tanning process can also be skipped. This is cost effective and better for the environment. This ensures quality, an environmentally and animal-friendly approach and a more sustainable leather industry.

Calfskin leather from Vitelco Leather has a constant premium quality, partly due to the controlled production process. That quality, in combination with sustainable production, means that we at Leatherbox are proud to offer you the most beautiful collections of this tannery. Choose this traceable leather from the Dutch Lowlands.