Leatherbox official partner of Nordic Fish Leather

We are very proud that Leatherbox is a partner of Nordic Fish Leather for Northern Europe. “This collaboration is fully in line with our vision: delivering special leather with an eye for its origin and durability, without compromising on quality,” says Justin, founder of Leatherbox. “Our range of fish leather has expanded considerably with this collaboration and has become accessible to even more creative entrepreneurs.” Leatherbox is the partner for designers and companies looking for special leather with a story. A story that started over 1000 years ago.

Follow in the footsteps of the Vikings

Buy sustainable Icelandic fish leather from Nordic Fish LeatherClose your eyes and travel to a unique place. Feel the cold on your face, the hot geysers and marvel at the black sand. This treasure of pure nature is called Iceland and was discovered by the Vikings as early as the 9th century. With their knowledge and craftsmanship brought from Scandinavia, they made fish leather shoes with a lambswool lining to withstand the extreme cold. We now mainly know the Vikings from stories, but the shoes can still be found in many Icelandic homes. “My grandparents were among the people who wore these shoes,” says Hlynur, COO and co-owner of Nordic Fish Leather.

With our product you buy more than leather with ideal properties. You buy a story.

Late in the 20th century, knowledge of tanning techniques grows to use fish leather for other applications as well. The techniques have changed, but the tradition lives on. Now it is used for shoes, belts, bags and accessories. Yet most do not immediately think of fish leather for their designs. “One of the misconceptions about fish leather is that it isn't strong,” says Hlynur. “But the Vikings already knew: the skin of the wolffish is very strong. Due to the way the fibers lie in the material, it is even 9x stronger than other types of leather. It's thin, but you really can't tear it. That makes it special. And with our product you buy more than leather with ideal properties. You buy a story.”

Sustainable leather: from waste to fashion

Fishing has always played an important role in the region. The skins of the caught fish previously had no function. They were usually dumped in the garbage. With a view to sustainable business and respect for people and nature, the idea for a special company was born about 20 years ago. Nordic Fish Leather has given 'waste' a new destination with its tannery. Hlynur: “Sustainability is completely intertwined with the way Nordic Fish Leather works. We work CO2 neutral and use natural resources. Our energy is generated entirely by heat and water sources from the area.

The quality of the leather is our priority, but always with an eye for sustainability

No additional fish is caught for our leather. We only use the skins of sustainably caught fish, with globally recognized quality marks. The fish comes from Icelandic and Scandinavian waters, which means that the impact of transport on the environment is also limited. The quality of the leather is our priority, but always with an eye for sustainability. We will only further implement this in our business operations in the future. We also continue to focus on standardizing our production processes. By working together with Leatherbox.com, more (including small) customers in Europe can become acquainted with our product. We are both close to the seas. That creates a bond. And we are both very enthusiastic about the product”.

The techniques have changed, but the tradition lives on

Justin: “The fact that sustainability and quality go hand in hand at Nordic Fish Leather is an important reason for us to work together. The ties with the local fisheries are strong and we know where the products come from. The tannery itself manages the entire process from tanning to finishing. There is a lot of control over the quality.”

Why choose fish leather

Designers choose fish leather for its special properties and appearance. Nordic Fish Leather supplies skins from salmon, cod and wolffish. The latter is unique to the region's waters. Fish leather gives your creation a unique touch. Use it for your shoes, bags, small accessories, or to add accents to your design. It is strong material and available in many different colours. And in case you were wondering: Hlynur: “You don't have to be afraid of the smell. When people see it for the first time, they immediately smell it. But fish leather doesn't smell like fish. It smells like leather”.

Bring a piece of Iceland into your home and choose fish leather from Nordic Fish Leather. View the range in our webshop!

Buy sustainable Icelandic fish leather from Nordic Fish Leather